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    Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has linked Clop Ransomware gang’s whereabouts to a corporate network that was previously hit by Raspberry Robin worm. Meaning the said malware is acting as an access point to hackers spreading the said version of file encrypting malware.

    First spotted in September 2021, Raspberry Robin was found distributing to networks via USB drives loaded with malicious .LNK File that then used to connect itself to C2C servers and started executing extra infection payloads. Now the infection has spread to over 1000 organizations operating in about 11 countries and is almost perpetuating at a very high rate.

    Coming to the second news that is trending on Google and is related to ransomware, Cybersecurity firm Sophos has discovered in a survey that ransomware gangs were targeting firms operating in Manufacturing and Production sector the most.

    According to Sophos researchers, the companies operating in the said two sectors were paying appx $2 million on an average to free up data from encryption. As both the sectors occupy a fortunate position in the supply chain, they are being targeted as a sure shot money earning stream.

    BlackCat Ransomware aka ALPHV Ransomware is claiming to have a hands-on the information belonging to soldiers of Ecuadorian Joint Command of the Armed Forces. The criminal gang claims to have had access to confidential information of the armed forces and is presently silent on its demand for ransom, and the army spokesperson is yet to release a statement on this note.

    Fourth is the news related to the war-torn country Ukraine. In a press release by Ukraine CERT, some phishing emails were doing rounds on their network claiming to be from Armed Forces of Ukraine and cover a subject-line as confidential and important.

    But in practical, the email is a phishing mail that acts as a bait to download Cuba Ransomware, also called as RomCom Malware.

    A hacking group named ‘Tropical Scorpius’ is seen distributing Cuba Ransomware and has claimed many victims from the start of the war date. Those include organizations operating in legal services profession, manufacturing, transportation, logistics, wholesale, retail, real estate, finance and healthcare along with technology and utilities.


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