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    Clark County School District(CCSD) is trending on Google for all wrong reasons, as hackers have leaked personal information of students belonging to the said school district of Las Vegas. The data is flowing on a tech forum and is for a sale for a triple digit number and the information includes social security numbers, retirement info, grades, names of school students, their addresses, their birth dates and more.

    Highly placed sources say that Maze Ransomware group was behind the incident of leaking data as Clark County school officials refused to pay a demanded a sum in Bitcoins when the hackers group infiltrated the database of the school district on August 27th,2020 to lock it down thereafter.

    As the school denied paying the ransom, the stolen information was made public on September 26th of this year.

    In the latest Digital Defense Report released by Microsoft, some ransomware attacks are taking just 45 minutes to encrypt a whole of the corporate database. The highlight of the report is that hackers are seen increasingly targeting supply chain, instead of attacking a company on a direct note.

    As most of the threats were linked to Russia, Microsoft has sent over 13,000 Nation-State Notifications to its US customers via email that the threat from the said nation might target them at any moment in the next few months.

    Password spraying, use of penetration testing tools, spear phishing attacks, use of web shells to backdoor servers and exploiting VPN servers have topped the threats list discovered by Microsoft in between June 2019 to June 2020.

    Third, Gallagher Insurance company has said that some of its internal systems were locked down by a file encrypting malware and the same was disclosed to the world by the company in its latest Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing.

    And to contain the ransomware spread, Arthur J Gallagher & Co initiated Cybersecurity measures as a part of business continuity planning and has engaged few Cybersecurity professionals to probe down the incident to the core.

    BTW, only the claims unit dubbed Gallagher Bassett was impacted by the ransomware and no other business subsidiaries of Arthur J Gallagher & Co were impacted.

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