repeal and replace

This post was originally published here by  Nat Kausik.

Repeal and replace might have controversial connotations, but not in this case.   

This week, we received yet another inquiry on our webchat line.  Media conglomerate rolled out MobileIron and failed.  Then tried AirWatch and failed.   Rather than fail again with free Intune, they thought it best to call Bitglass.

In healthcare, care providers refuse to have their smartphones hampered by MDM.   In technology, engineers know how MDM invades privacy and refuse to install it on their BYOD.  And now we find that in media companies, employees are well informed on the downsides of MDM. Perhaps because it is their job to stay informed.   Diminished battery life.  Invasion of privacy.  And violation of federal wiretapping statutes. 

MDM is great for corporate owned devices.  But on BYO devices, MDM is best repealed and replaced with an agentless CASB.   




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