Robot writes essay on AI says no intention to destroy Humans

An Artificial Intelligence propelled robot named GPT-3 wrote an interesting essay to Humans saying that its species (Robots) does not have any intention to wipe off humans. In a 1,000 word essay, the machine opened up its mind through a powerful AI powered language generator convincing human readers that robots are harmless and come with peace.

Published in “The Guardian” the essay has garnered a lot of attention from the readers as this is for the first time that we got to know the mind of Robots.

Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders should note down a fact that all these days we have seen Robots as killing machines that do harm and bring doom to the entire humanity one day. This perspective of humans got strengthened as soon as we saw the movie Terminator and series where a robot tries to kill its human originator.

AI Robot GPT-3 mentioned in its essay that robots are not meant to rule the world. But they are in fact devised to act as slaves to humans.

GPT-3 also shared its views from its recent interaction with a student researcher named Liam Porr, a CSC graduate from UC Berkeley.

The news comes just after the entire world criticized Tesla Chief Elon Musk’s initiative to insert chips into the brain of Humans after his team of researchers’ attained success pig experiment where a pig named Gertrude was fitted with a coin-sized processor in brain to create ambitious plans to mimic human mindset.

Naveen Goud
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