Russia denies Cyber Attacks on COVID 19 Vaccine Research Labs


As soon as the UK and its allies-USA and Canada started to accuse Russia for launching cyberattacks on their research labs to steal data related to Corona Virus medicine/vaccine, Russia has denied the allegations readily by stating that it never asked any hacker or hackers group to steal data till date.


Andrei Kelin, the Ambassador of London from Russia states that the story published in The Guardian is false and there was no sense in it. He also stated that the British intelligence tried its best to interfere and influence the referendum of reinstating power to Mr. Putin till 2036 via digital attacks.


In a televised interview with BBC, Kelin stated that some countries were publishing stories out of imagination by attributing computer hacks to adversaries, reacting to the Thursday news that claimed APT29 hacking group aka Cozy Bear launching digital attacks busy finding COVID 19 medicine.


Note 1- In the past two days, Russia has been claiming to the world that it has successfully discovered a vaccine against novel coronavirus and NCSC claimed that the vaccine finds information could be a resultant of info steal made by Russia by infiltrating the network infrastructure of labs operating in Canada, USA, and the UK and working on the medicine.


Note 2- Kelin alleged the UK of stepping up its criticism on Beijing and Moscow for gaining a top edge in the world after Brexit.

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