Russia hacks UK Charity firm set up to thwart Fake news

Hackers who are being funded by Russian Intelligence is said to have recently targeted a UK charity which was established to counter disinformation spread from the region of Russia.

The National Crime Agency in association with NCSC, a cyber unit of GCHQ is said to be conducting an investigation into the incident and Prima Facie confirms that data theft has taken place from the database of the government-funded Institute for Statecraft.

Statecraft, which received a 2 million pound funding on a recent note has deleted all the content from its website while the investigation is still on.

The website says that Russia spies have deliberately attempted to undermine some secrets meant to thwart threats to European Democracies. And Russian military intelligence GRU is suspected to be behind the hack- as per Sky News.

Highly places sources from ‘The Institute of Statecraft’ say that the cyber crooks stole work related to Integrity Initiative meant for researching, publicizing, and countering the cyber threats on European democracies. And the stole info includes a specially prepared report on hybrid warfare like the spread of fake news or disinformation.

Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the website will be re-launched after the investigation from the National Crime Agency gets concluded.

Note 1- Last month, questions were raised against the Charity based organization when a news resource reported that the organization was using funds meant for Foreign Office to tarnish the image of Jeremy Corbyn.

However, nothing concrete was driven from the allegations as Europe Minister Sir Alan Duncan straightly denied the claims as “wholly untrue”.

Note 2- The Institute of Statecraft is an independent UK based organization which works to seek improvement in governance and helps in enhancing national security.

Naveen Goud
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