Russia to end cyber-attacks on Ukraine after talks with the West

Russia has been waging a war on Ukraine for the past 7 months and neither of the both parties seem to be interested in solving the issue through a dialogue. But according to a western newspaper, The Mirror, a senior Russian diplomat, who is closely associated with Vladimir Putin, seems to have sought western help to bring the dreaded war with Ukraine to an end. This includes the cyber-attacks that are being targeted at the critical infrastructure of the Zelensky led nation.

Although it is surprising, Moscow’s elite group is interested in ending up the war as it is feeling the pinch of a wide range of sanctions imposed on it by the west. Especially, as the stackup of essential commodities is diminishing week by week.

Putin’s inner circle is interested in the end of the war crisis at the earliest and is ready for negotiations. It is also interested in ending the digital war if the Ukraine leader is ready to surrender or at least obey the orders of Moscow’s pillar of regime.

It could bring a big sigh of relief to those suffering from the deep pangs of the war. Especially the citizens of Kyiv, who are not only suffering the dreaded consequences of the war physically and mentally. But are also down on an emotional note as they are facing constant misery from the ill thoughts of Putin.

It is still unclear on whether the news published in the news resource is true. However, requesting anonymity, a source from Reuters confirmed Russia was indeed thinking to end war as it is facing crisis related to arms and ammunition and is receiving stringent backlash from its own soldiers as they are being forced to take innocent lives, without a valid motive and are being asked to use obsolete weapons that are at least 10-15 years old.


Naveen Goud
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