Samsung 2022 data breach leaks sensitive info of customers


Samsung has issued an apology for the latest data breach that affected a small portion of its US Customers leaking data such as demographic info, DoBs, product registration info, contact and names. The company has urged its customers to stay assured that the attack did not affect the information such as social security numbers and debit and credit card numbers.

As per the update released by the Electronics giant of Korea, the extent of data leak might vary to each customer and all those affected will be informed on a formal note in this matter.

The only good news about the incident is that all those customers who were impacted will be provided a free one-year credit report on an annual note. However, the company is also asking its customers to monitor any suspicious transactions in their accounts and report the same at the earliest to concerned authorities.

Samsung is also urging its customers not to click on suspicious links and download any attachments from any kind of SMS or email content.

NOTE- In December 2021, the Lapsus$ Ransomware group targeted the servers of the smart phones giant and stole source code related to Galaxy Phones and some administrative data. Later the stolen info was dumped on the Telegram account for sale. After the incident, an analysis made by Microsoft led to the arrest of various criminals linked to Lapsus$ from the city of London in March 2022. The Windows giant gave a new designation to the group as DEV-0537.


Naveen Goud
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