Samsung confirms no data breach from Cyber Attack


Samsung, which experienced a highly sophisticated cyber attack on Saturday last week, issued a press statement that no personal data was leaked in the incident. Thus, the statement confirms that hackers got access to some company-related data.

Highly placed sources state Lapsus$ ransomware hacking group stole over 190 GB of data, which is available for torrent through a torrent. Meaning, Lapsus$ hackers infiltrated the database of the Korean electronics giant a while ago and as the officials failed to pay the demanded ransom, they leaked the fully stolen info or a portion of it to confirm their claims.

Samsung mentioned in its recent statement that some sources of codes related to Galaxy smartphones and a portion of R&D data were stolen in the digital attack. But failed to confirm the speculations that it was the work of the Lapsus$ gang.

As Russia is indulging in a terrible war with Ukraine, Samsung has pledged that it will stop the shipment export to the Putin-led nation from the end of this week. That means the Russian populace could buy the smartphones of the world’s third-leading phone only till the stocks last.

In another applaudable move, Samsung pledged it is going to offer updates up to 4 generations of One UI and Android on select Galaxy devices, thus giving an assurance that some of its reputed devices will be secure, productive, and long-lasting- at least for 3-4 years- unless a hardware issue arises, as the device warranty will end in 12 months from the purchase date and the warranty on battery will end in 1st six months of its purchase.


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