Samsung to provide Mobile Security updates for 3 years

Samsung has revealed in its first of its kind Galaxy Unpacked Virtual conference held in Korea that it will provide mobile security and other software updates to all its users for 3 years after purchase. That means all users who buy mobile devices from the Korean company can avail the benefit of fetching security and OS related software updates for next three years, and that includes the latest Android OS update as well.

As Samsung has heard from its users, they are holding its devices for a long time; the company has offered a feel good and secure operating system environment to all its users from now on. Therefore, no need to throw your mobile if your OS gets obsolete as you can download the latest Android OS after 5-6 months of its official release for free of cost, albeit if your battery gets bulged up or drains shortly.

However, the updates will only apply to Samsung’s Flagship’s models related to Galaxy running on Android 9 or later.

The South Korean company has assured that it will release OS updates for up to 3 generations, or till your device completes 3 full years from purchase.

Taking the chance to reveal its new devices at the virtual conference, the electronics giant unveiled 5 new devices that include a smart phone with 5G network capabilities. The devices are Samsung Galaxy Note20, Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, a foldable smart phone that might prove as a benchmark for all future foldable smart phones that includes the ones coming from Apple, Google, and Sony.

Naveen Goud
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