Saturday Security Spotlight: Military, Apps, and Threats


This post was originally published here by  Jacob Serpa .

Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks:

  • Fitness app exposes military bases
  • Soldiers’ names revealed by app
  • Google Play filled with fake apps
  • Medical devices easily hacked
  • The internet of things creates risk for the enterprise 

Fitness app exposes military bases

Strava, the creators of a fitness tracking app, released heatmaps of its users’ movements. Unfortunately, this revealed the inner workings of military bases abroad by highlighting the movements of soldiers who use said app within their bases. Naturally, making this information publically available raises questions of privacy and national security.

Soldiers’ names revealed by app

After learning of the above heatmaps and how they expose military bases and personnel, a Norwegian researcher decided to test other aspects of Strava’s security. In so doing, he succeeded in tricking the app to reveal the names and identities of military personnel who use Strava. 

Google Play filled with fake apps

Despite efforts to clean up Google PlayGoogle’s app marketplace still contains many fake applications. While some are fairly innocuous, others can spread malware or steal information from users’ mobile devices. In light of BYOD (bring your own device), this should be a concern for the enterprise. 

Medical devices easily hacked

Researchers in cybersecurity have determined that medical devices like MRI machines face a high risk of cyberattack. As healthcare technology evolves and connects to the internet more and more, the risk will only increase. Researchers warn that these devices must be designed in ways that ensure more security. 

The internet of things creates risk for the enterprise

As enterprises adopt IoT devices for the efficiency that they provide, they are also increasing the number of attack surfaces that can be exploited by malicious parties. These devices serve as entry points for malware and can enable access to corporate networks. 

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