Symantec unveils Cloud Security Solution to address distinct security challenges

RSA Conference which is being held in San Francisco witnessed a new announcement from Symantec Corporation. The American company which offers software for security, storage, and backup needs has unveiled a new cloud security platform which can be touted as industry’s most all-inclusive cloud security offering.

The Symantec Cloud Security Platform provides complete means for the Chief Information Security Officer of corporate firms to securely enable cloud adoption in their office environments with seamless security. It, in fact, acts as an open platform that integrates critical security and compliance frameworks which help protect organizations data.

Thus, with the latest announcement, Symantec Cloud Security Platform has proved that it has gained exclusively new capabilities to secure significant assets, data as well as users across the cloud continuum.

As the usage of cloud services is increasing in public and private organizations, hackers are targeting these platforms to gain access to data which can prove as a gold mine to them.

Firms like Symantec can offer disparate solutions to protect such organizations by addressing cloud security features to the core and in a holistic way.

Coming to the business structure of Symantec, the tech giant has grabbed a number of small rivals in order to strengthen its stand in the cloud security business. For instance, Symantec brought out cloud-based software vendor Blue Coat Systems for $4.65 billion to bolster its security business. Furthermore, it also acquired identity theft and fraud protection company LifeLock Inc for $2.3 billion to strengthen its consumer security segment.

Symantec Corporation is based in California and offers software support to all professional services. It is a member of Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Stock Market.

NOTE-The name Symantec can be split as follows to obtain a technical meaning- Syntax, Semantics, and Technology.

Naveen Goud
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