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iPhone Vulnerability allows hackers to fraudulently make contactless payments

Cybersecurity researchers have found vulnerability on iPhone’s Apple Pay and Visa payments feature that allows hackers to make fraudulent contactless payments without the knowledge of the owner. A video proving this cyber incident is being circulated on the YouTube from the past 2 days and it claims that the cyber crooks can use simple radio […]

How secure is Apple iPhone 13 Satellite Connectivity

Apple Inc has made it official that it is going to launch its flagship iPhone 13 in September second week this year and an official statement from the technology giant reveals that the device is going to get an additional feature as Satellite Connectivity support. What that means is that iPhone device users who are […]

Apple iPhones to get protection against Pegasus Mobile Spyware

As the media around the world is busy speculating about the targets related to Pegasus Mobile Spying malware, Apple Inc, the American company that is into the production of iPhones has issued a press statement that its engineers are working on a fix to protect the users from becoming victims to the said spying Israeli […]

Apple iPhones are vulnerable to Email hacks

Apple iPhones are vulnerable to email hackers says a Cybersecurity startup from San Francisco named ZecOps. The firm confirmed that a few Apple iPhone customers were targeted by cyber-attacks via emails in summer last year where hackers were found triggering hacks leveraging unknown vulnerabilities.   A source from Apple Inc confirmed the susceptibility and assured […]

Israel firm which hacks iPhones triggers security fears for Apple Inc

NSO Group, an Israel based cyber surveillance company which is renowned to crack Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones has become a menace to the whole of Apple Inc, as reported by Forbes. Yes, you’ve read it right and the saga goes as follows- A 37-year old hacker who worked for NSO Group previously is said […]

New Apple iOS Camera Bug raises Mobile Security concerns

Apple Inc, an American Multinational Technology company renowned for its iPhone series is back in the news; but for all wrong reasons. A new Apple iOS Camera bug is found to be fooling the users by making them visit a malicious website. Security researchers from Infosec found the bug and are said to have reported […]

Apple yet to detect fix to Indian Telugu letter bug!

For all those who are waiting for an Apple iPhone Bug fix related to Indian Telugu letter ‘జ్ఞ‌ా’ (pronounced as Ghyna) here’s an update related to it. The American Multinational company is yet to find a fix but says that its researchers are already behind it and will come up with a solution by this […]

Leaked iOS source code could spell trouble for Apple Inc.

An anonymous hacker has posted an iOS source code on a Github triggering concerns that almost all iPhones of Apple Inc are vulnerable to hackers. But the technology giant says that the code belongs to outdated iOS 9 software that wouldn’t affect users running newer versions of Apple software. But the skilled hacker named ‘Zioshiba’ […]

Apple ChaiOS bug can freeze or crash your iPhone!

All you iPhone users out there beware of a new text related bug which silently creeps into your mobile freezes it and can even help in crashing it. Yes, a newly discovered named ChaiOS was discovered by software developer Abraham Masri in January this year. Masri says that the bug actually exists as a simple […]

Apple iPhone 8 to have Facial Recognition as Mobile Security

Apple Inc, the American Multinational technology company is said to be developing its next iPhone 8 with a facial recognition feature for mobile security. As per our sources, the latest iPhone model which will release in Sep’17 may also feature a flexible OLED panel display. The said display will prevent any kind of deformation caused […]

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