How secure is Apple iPhone 13 Satellite Connectivity


Apple Inc has made it official that it is going to launch its flagship iPhone 13 in September second week this year and an official statement from the technology giant reveals that the device is going to get an additional feature as Satellite Connectivity support.

What that means is that iPhone device users who are in a region where there are no 4G or 5G signals can use the service of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communication satellites to make calls or to send messages.

According to MacRumors, a blog that is being used by most of the Apple iPhone users plus enthusiasts, the iPhone 13 will come with a specially customized Qualcomm X60 Band Chips can allow users to connect to the nearest low orbit satellites for communication- all possible through the tie-up of Apple Inc with Globalstar.

Therefore, in order to work in sync, network operators like AT&T or Verizon should develop a tech that can work in tandem with Globalstar for offering a global communication framework for iPhone 13 users.

Currently, Globalstar has over 46 LEO Satellite Communication systems in operation and might also come up with the technology of developing a satellite communication mode that can also process iMessages and Facetime calls.

To support the mode of communication technology, Tesla Chief Elon Musk’s baby project SpaceX might also come up with a significant main stream tally of more that 500,000 Starlink Satellites that can be used by iPhone users by 2022-23

Now coming to the point how safe and secure will the satellite communication of iPhone 13 will be…?

Well, as of now, the technology giant has to clear many issues on this subject-line and our Cybersecurity Insiders will try its best to first report the details as soon as they are officially available to us.

Note- What if the device falls into the hands of anti-social elements as it will offer a secure mode of satellite communication that can bypass all regional privacy laws and will easily become a threat to national integrity…..isn’t it?

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