Prove that we were behind WannaCry Ransomware Attack says North Korea

The UN Ambassador from North Korea has literally challenged the United States and is demanding Washington provide evidence to back that Pyongyang was behind the WannaCry Ransomware Attack which targeted more than 250,000 computers across 150 countries in May this year. Pak Song II the North Korean UN Ambassador said that allegations jointly put forward […]

Ransomware threats making British companies stockpile Bitcoins!

Ransomware threats are on the rise and this is making British companies take preventive measures to counter any such situation. One such measure taken up by most companies operating in the UK is to stockpile Bitcoins to use the purchased crypto as ransomware hush money. Yes, Paul Taylor, the former Cyber Chief in UK’s Minister […]

Cyber Attack disrupts Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex Services!

Taiwan based Bitcoin Exchange Company ‘Bitfinex’ has admitted that it was hit by a DDoS cyber attack on Monday this week. However, the cryptocurrency platform notified to the world that the disruption was temporary as the services were brought back to life within 84 minutes. As Bitcoin rate reached $11,000 early this week, one of […]

UK Cryptocurrency Electroneum hit by Cyber Attack!

British Cryptocurrency startup Electroneum was hit by a cyber attack that has shut down all its investor accounts for several days. The said digital currency which can be mined from smartphones was due to be launched last Thursday. But the operators have now decided to postpone the launch of the Electroneum’s website and mobile app […]

Cyber Attack wrecks the launch of Bitcoin Gold Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Gold launch was marred by a Cyber Attack which took place on the new crypto currency’s website. The digital currency was supposed to be launched on October 24th,2017, but came under sustained distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack. Bitcoin’s Gold website issued a public statement on Wednesday that its webpage experienced a DDOS […]

Hackers from North Korea Cyber Attack Bitcoin exchanges to evade sanctions!

North Korean hackers under the leadership of Kim Jung Un have decided to steal Bitcoins in order to evade sanctions put forward by politicians from Washington to Seoul. This was reported by security company FireEye Inc, which also added in its report that Kim’s apparent interest on Crypto currency comes amid rising prices and popularity […]

North Korea intensifies cyber attacks against Bitcoin exchanges!

In order to fund its nuclear ambitions, North Korea is said to be intensifying cyber attacks on Bitcoins exchanges operating across US, Europe, and Canada. Cybersecurity Insiders learned about this news through a source working for Radio Free Asia (RFA) which is non-profit East Asian News Agency. According to RFA’s latest update, North Korea has […]

BTC-e owner arrested for stealing bitcoins and laundering Ransomware payments

BTC-e owner was arrested by Greek Police early this week on the charges of money laundering and stealing bitcoins from other Bitcoin’s trading platforms. Alexander Vinnik, a Russian National, and owner of the BTC-e Bitcoin Trading Platform admitted that he along with few of his colleagues laundered funds stolen from the Mt.Gox Cryptocurrency exchange platform […]

Ransomware cyber attacks can prove fatal to Bitcoin users

Almost the whole world witnessed a digital crisis on May 12th, 2017 when hackers launched Wannacry Ransomware cyber attack on more than 200,000 computers operating across 174 countries. Media reports indicated that most of the victims of this ransomware were the ones who were using the dead and extinct Windows XP and those using unpatched […]

Hackers demand 50 million Bitcoins Ransom from Wipro for Cyber Attack

Indian IT Company Wipro is said to have received a cyber threat from hackers who are demanding a sum of USD 50 million in Bitcoins to keep the database of the said tech giant free from malware. The company is, however, unperturbed with this issue and said that a team of top class officials who […]

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