North Korea intensifies cyber attacks against Bitcoin exchanges!


In order to fund its nuclear ambitions, North Korea is said to be intensifying cyber attacks on Bitcoins exchanges operating across US, Europe, and Canada. Cybersecurity Insiders learned about this news through a source working for Radio Free Asia (RFA) which is non-profit East Asian News Agency.

According to RFA’s latest update, North Korea has already launched cyber attacks on 3 bitcoins exchanges operating in South Korea and one in Europe. The report adds that the hackers succeeded in breaking into two of the databases of the Bitcoins exchanges and managed to siphon with $90K worth bitcoins last month.

North Korea’s plan is to sell those siphoned crypto currencies in the international market and gain finance to fund its nuclear ambitions.

RFA has alerted all Bitcoins exchanges on this note and said that the cyber army of North Korea is planning to intensify such attacks on Bitcoins exchange companies operating from the UK, Canada and US. As the rate of each bitcoin is surging day by day, the hackers are looking to make wealth through cyber attacks.

Simon Choi, a senior official of South Korea’s Cyber Warfare Intelligence Center (CWIC) has endorsed the report of RFA and added that threat landscape also includes those individuals who own more than 10 BTC in their Bitcoin wallets.

Choi says that the cyber army of North Korea has some how gained details about all those individuals who regularly do trading with BTC exchanges and have gained data related to the digital currency their own.

Thus, Choi is urging all virtual currency owners to connect their mobile phones or Pcs loaded with e-wallets to the internet only when the need arises and avoid public Wi-Fi’s on a complete note.

Note- This hacking alert comes at the time when reports are pouring in that South Korea’s largest Bitcoin and Ethereum exchange, Bithumb was hacked and data related to more than 31,000 users was leaked through a voice phishing attack.

Naveen Goud
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