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University of California gets $1.4 million funding to fight cyber attacks

University of California, San Diego has got a $1.4 million funding from The US Department of Homeland Security. The fund will be used to help scientists discover and invent better ways to spot internet vulnerabilities from Cyber attacks in advance. According to our sources, most of the funding will be used to model cyber attacks […]

Healthcare alert- Medical devices are more prone to cyber attacks

Medical devices are having cyber security flaws which when explored by hackers can cause serious hacking concerns. Recently, Johnson & Johnson(J&J) discovered that its OneTouch Insulin pump has a cyber security defect through which hackers can remotely reprogram the device in such a way that the device alerts additional doses of diabetes drug to users. […]

It’s time for organizations to put mobile security into spotlight!

Smart Phones usage is increasing in the corporate world and that’s due to the fact that we need to keep an instant access to work data, check emails on a regular note to stay updated and on a simultaneous note keep our social media status highly active for many reasons. Even employers are encouraging this […]

Connected cars can now smartly handle Cloud Security threats

Cyber security threats in the world of connected cars are getting paramount these days and to narrow them down, emerging technologies are being served by companies from time to time. One such innovative cyber security threat detection software is “The Intrusion detection system (IDS)” made in collaboration between software firms Harman and Airbiquity. This software […]

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