Cyber-attacks in the APAC region driven by espionage motives

Verizon Business conducted a survey revealing a concerning trend: the APAC region and its businesses were the primary targets of espionage-related cyber-attacks. These attacks, orchestrated by cybercriminals, aimed at gathering intelligence to be passed on to adversaries. Surprisingly, Europe and North America experienced a significantly lower rate of spying-related cyber-attacks, accounting for only 6% and […]

What to do if the phone is hacked or becomes espionage target

When you discover that your device has been compromised, it’s important not to panic. Such incidents can happen to anyone, and taking swift action within a couple of hours can help mitigate potential risks to your personal information. The first step is to search for a reliable anti-malware solution capable of scanning your device for […]

Trending Cybersecurity News headlines on Google

Apple dismisses political controversy over its security alert Apple Inc has released a statement acknowledging attempts by state-sponsored actors to breach the devices of its users in various countries, including India. However, the company distanced itself from the ongoing espionage controversy within Indian politics, where the Opposition Congress has alleged that the ruling BJP government […]

Facebook Meta uncovers Social Media Espionage

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has uncovered a new social media espionage campaign in which cyber criminals launch social engineering attacks on Facebook and Instagram users by asking them to click on malevolent links, download malware, or share personal details. According to the security teams’ analysis, three different threat actors were involved in this […]

US Bill against foreign firms that are Spying

In order to protect the intellectual property of America, the US Senate has recently passed a Bipartisan Bill that will punish all the companies in foreign nations that are spying on the intellectual Property of North American populace. Authored by senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Sasse, the bill allows the federal authorities to place […]

CIA faces digital espionage allegations from China

US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is alleged of conducting espionage on China for 11 years and the allegations were laid by a Chinese security firm named Qihoo 360. Reports are in that the espionage was conducted in digital form-all through cyberattacks by CIA’s hacking group named APT-C-39.   Qihoo 360 argues that it has enough […]

UK suspects China is conducting espionage with few among 100,000 Chinese University students

MI5 and GCHQ have warned universities and educational institutes operating across their region that the Chinese government could be conducting espionage on its research and computer systems through hidden spies among the 100,000 Chinese students who are studying on the campus. The agency suspects that the investment made by the Beijing in the research work […]

US FCC bans China Mobile from operating in America

After banning Huawei from supplying its 5G network equipment to the US last year, the Trump administration on the advice of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has blocked Chinese vendor ‘China Mobile’ from providing its voice and multimedia services across the United States due to national security concerns. The decision was taken unanimously after gaining […]

Pharma giant Bayer becomes victim to Chinese Cyber Attack

Bayer AG, a Germany based Pharmaceutical company and probably one of the largest pharma companies in the world have made an official announcement today that it became a victim of a cyber attack early last year. And after monitoring and analyzing its database until March this year, its cybersecurity experts came to a conclusion that […]

North Korea initiates ‘Operation Sharpshooter’ Cyber Attack Espionage Campaign

Lazarus Group also is known as Hidden Cobra in the dark world is said to have launched a global cyber-espionage campaign with the name ‘Operation Sharpshooter’. Researchers from the privately held American Cybersecurity firm McAfee were the first one to discover this spying campaign in Dec’18 who later came to a conclusion that the cyber […]

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