US Bill against foreign firms that are Spying


In order to protect the intellectual property of America, the US Senate has recently passed a Bipartisan Bill that will punish all the companies in foreign nations that are spying on the intellectual Property of North American populace.

Authored by senators Chris Van Hollen and Ben Sasse, the bill allows the federal authorities to place sanctions on firms that are working for foreign governments to grab American intelligence or launching cyber attacks and helping adversaries in espionage related activities.

Thus, as per the latest bill, the Congress will review all the firms that have engaged or benefited by stealing US Trade secrets. And if such firms are interpreted as threats to National Security, then they will face harsh penalties like facing a permanent ban on trade with US and prohibition of exports to that state.

Although there is no direct mention of nations by the senate, the drawn up policies clearly reflect they were intended to be targeted towards nations like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

According to a news update of BBC, Huawei has already faced all such actions from the American government as there is firm evidence with the CIA that the said nation has indulged in espionage through its Telecom equipment. So, the Trump led nation banned the Chinese telecom vendor from offering a 5G network upgrade in its region in 2018.

Note- Still, the legislation needs to get an endorsement from the House of Representatives who are already vying for a tougher action against China.

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