Maritime research stolen by Chinese hackers from 27 US Universities

The Wall Street Journal(WSG) reports that a hacking group from China has reportedly stolen Maritime research data from over 27 US Universities which includes the University of Hawaii, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) and the University of Washington. News is out that the hackers were specifically interested in siphoning data related to the use of artificial […]

Cyber Criminals are interested in knowing these secrets of your Business

Effective cybersecurity planning starts by having a good understanding of your enemy’s( hackers) intentions and Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the 6 specific areas of data that are considered as gold mines for cyber crooks. The trick is that if you know what the gold is, you will come up with a better plan to […]

How to keep your Gmail account safe from hackers

Nowadays, every online service is being linked to your email account or your phone number and this is what is giving hackers an access point to explore your secrets-if/when the user shows laxity in securing their respective accounts. Keeping aside mobile phone security, for now, let’s talk about email security. Google mail or shortly called […]

How to keep your Cell Phone safe from hackers

All these days we have discussed software and hardware vulnerabilities exhibited by Smartphones. But in this article, we will discuss how your cell phone number can poses as a security threat if fallen into the hands of hackers. But luckily, there’s a fix! Nowadays, many online service providers are insisting to share your phone number […]

Apple iOS latest Mobile Security update fixes Facetime, messages and CarPlay vulnerabilities

Apple Inc has released a security update in the form of iOS 12.1.3 which majorly fixes the bug vulnerabilities which allow hackers to remotely control Facetime calls, messages, and CarPlay operations. In an official statement released a few hours ago, the iPhone maker said that the iOS 12.1.3 update will be available to its iPad […]

Michigan University discovers a correlation between low self-control and Cyber Attacks

A recent study made by Michigan State University says that all those who do impulsive online shopping, download music, and indulge in compulsive email use can become easy targets for hackers launching cyber attacks. Here, the conclusion was driven based on the personality traits and behaviors of both obvious and subtle web users. “People who […]

Physical Cyber Attack makes 8 European Banks bleed Millions

A study conducted by Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has discovered that at least 8 European banks have fallen prey to a cyber attack launched physically by hackers to siphon tens of millions of pounds. Kaspersky Researchers say that the attack was launched through physical devices such as Netbooks, Raspberry Pi devices and Bash Bunnies planted […]

Hackers shut down Moscow’s Cable Car via Cyber Attack

Moscow’s Cable Car services which were opened to the public for the first time was reportedly shut down by hackers via cyber attack. Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the passengers were forced to disembark the vehicles only 2 hours after it opened on Wednesday as the digital systems which were operating the cars […]

British Airways data breach earns £9.4M to Russian Hackers

British Airways data breach which led to the information leak pertaining to 244,000 credit card details of customers is said to have earned £9.4M for Russian Hackers. Cybersecurity experts say that the hackers made money by putting the data sale on the dark web for just £6.94 – £38.58. Magecart, a Russia linked cybercriminal group […]

India witnesses 400,000 cyber attacks from Russia, China, and US

F-Secure, the Finland based cybersecurity firm has confirmed that Asian country India has witnessed around 400,000 cyber attacks on its infrastructure from Russia, China, and the United States between Jan- Jun this year. “The relatively higher number of inbound cyber attacks on Indian Honeypots reflects how fast the fast-digitizing country is becoming vulnerable to hackers […]

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