Australia takes a vow to hack the hackers

After a cyber attack on national telecom operator Optus and Insurance company Medibank, the Australian government has hacked the hackers in order to bring them to knees. Australian Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil will take a decision on this note and news is out that the government wants to take serious action against state funded hackers […]

Hackers selling high-value targets in the United States

According to a study made by CrowdStrike, hackers are seen selling high-value targets from the United States for profits and the buyers on the dark web are preferring data related to targets from technology, government, and academics. Usually, such information selling takes place on the dark web in the initial days of every month and […]

Hackers target Bear Grylls TV Presenter with Cyber Attack

We have seen world renowned adventurer Bear Grylls fight with snakes, lions and alligators. But now the British enthusiast is seen busy fending off attacks from hackers having the intention to steal currency from him and put a dent to his business and its reputation. Bear Grylls who has taken many guests like Former US […]

How to thwart phone hackers

Many of you might search for tips that help in keeping phone hackers at bay. So Angus King, the member of secretive Senate Intelligence Committee, is giving advice that could help in keeping a cellphone secure and away from prying eyes. The tip is to switch off the phone and wait for a minute and […]

US Federal agencies issue fresh warning on ransomware attacks on the healthcare sector

In a joint statement issued by the FBI and Department of Health and Human Services, in association with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), all companies serving in the healthcare sector are being warned that they could be attacked by malware amid the rise of a new wave of COVID […]

Hackers launch cyberattacks only for the challenge

In what seems to be an interesting find, over 74% of hackers are initiating cyber-attacks only to be challenged. While some are doing so to earn their living, and a few for a lavish life.   Finbold.com survey states that 51 percent of hackers are seen launching attacks to learn and refine their skills in […]

WikiLeaks founder accused of recruiting hackers from Asia and Europe

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been pressed with new charges by DoJ that states that he has been recruiting hackers to spy on conferences being held across the world to provide classified information to his website. According to the superseding indictment that is within the 18 counts mentioned by the Justice Department last year, Assange […]

Prince Harry converses with Russian Hackers

Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex who chose to quit the throne of Royal in Feb this year is in news headlines for conversing with Russian hackers who posed as the 17-year-old climate change activists Greta Thunberg to spill beans. News is out that two hackers named Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov) and Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) used […]

FBI starts fooling hackers with fake data to find their whereabouts

The next time if you hear a media story on a company’s data breach, be aware that this could be a ploy played by the FBI on identifying hackers/ groups. Yes, the US law enforcement agency thinks that fake data can be used to lure hackers to hack a network in order to find their […]

Smart toys sold on Amazon are vulnerable to hacking

Smart Toys which were purchased heavily during this year’s shopping season are said to be extremely vulnerable to hackers. This was the truth revealed by a consumer group which says that the sale of toys on online shopping platforms such as Amazon has to be banned on immediate not to prevent hackers from misinterpreting conversations […]

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