Defending Against Hackers in the Public Sector Is a Different Beast

The general perception of hackers is that they’re Mr. Robot-esque renegades who utilize futuristic technologies in order to single-handedly take down monolithic foes, like multinational corporations or entire governments. The reality is more mundane. Most malicious actors choose the path of least resistance, such as straightforward phishing attempts, in order to acquire credentials that grant […]

Details of Ransomania and iOS Face ID Scans stolen by hackers

Ransomania, an Innovative Tool Developed by Cyberint to Combat Ransomware Threats The global menace of ransomware continues to plague companies of all sizes and industries. To effectively counter this threat, it is crucial to raise awareness among individuals and organizations and equip them with the necessary tools to defend against such attacks. In response to […]

The Insider Threat: Can Employees Pose a Greater Risk than Hackers

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, organizations face a multitude of threats that can compromise their sensitive data and operations. While external threats from hackers and cyber criminals are well-recognized, there’s an often-underestimated risk that originates from within – the insider threat. This article explores the potential dangers posed by employees and examines whether they […]

Now a Stock Market business hires hackers

Six Group, a technology firm responsible for securing the operations of Spanish and Swiss Bourses, is actively recruiting hackers to counter sophisticated attempts to breach its network. The motivation behind hiring these cybersecurity experts is to gain insights into the strategies employed by other cybercriminals engaged in fraudulently accessing IT assets. Taking a cue from […]

China has 50 hackers against each FBI Cyber Warrior

The FBI Director disclosed to the Congressional Committee that China has assigned around 50 hackers against each bureau’s Cyber Warriors, thus opening-up  about the threats it was facing from the adversary. Christopher Wray, the director of the FBI, spoke to senior executives at the House Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee on Commerce Justice, Science and Related Agencies, […]

Australia takes a vow to hack the hackers

After a cyber attack on national telecom operator Optus and Insurance company Medibank, the Australian government has hacked the hackers in order to bring them to knees. Australian Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil will take a decision on this note and news is out that the government wants to take serious action against state funded hackers […]

Hackers selling high-value targets in the United States

According to a study made by CrowdStrike, hackers are seen selling high-value targets from the United States for profits and the buyers on the dark web are preferring data related to targets from technology, government, and academics. Usually, such information selling takes place on the dark web in the initial days of every month and […]

Hackers target Bear Grylls TV Presenter with Cyber Attack

We have seen world renowned adventurer Bear Grylls fight with snakes, lions and alligators. But now the British enthusiast is seen busy fending off attacks from hackers having the intention to steal currency from him and put a dent to his business and its reputation. Bear Grylls who has taken many guests like Former US […]

How to thwart phone hackers

Many of you might search for tips that help in keeping phone hackers at bay. So Angus King, the member of secretive Senate Intelligence Committee, is giving advice that could help in keeping a cellphone secure and away from prying eyes. The tip is to switch off the phone and wait for a minute and […]

US Federal agencies issue fresh warning on ransomware attacks on the healthcare sector

In a joint statement issued by the FBI and Department of Health and Human Services, in association with the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), all companies serving in the healthcare sector are being warned that they could be attacked by malware amid the rise of a new wave of COVID […]

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