Top Two Cyber Attack stories for this day

The government of Netherlands has accused Russian intelligence of cyber attacking the database related to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW). Officials say that the spying activity was identified on April 13th this year and 4 Russian agents were expelled from the country by Ank Bijleveld Schouten- the Dutch Minister of Defense. Early […]

Tesla Model S Key Fobs are vulnerable to hackers

Tesla, the American automobile company which produces electric cars is in news for all wrong reasons these days. News is out that Tesla’s Model S Key fobs are vulnerable to hackers as their encryption code is easy to guess and access. To those who aren’t aware of what the Tesla’s Key Fobs do, they are […]

UK TV License website glitch makes 40,000 households vulnerable to Hackers

In Britain and the territories attached to it on Coast, every household watching or recording television content during broadcast needs to hold a television license to do so. It is like a legal permission given by the Broadcasting authority to watch the content via terrestrial, satellite, cable or internet. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that nearly […]

Turkey hackers sneak into social media accounts of US Journalists

According to the latest alert issued by Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike, hackers being funded by Turkish government are said to be breaking into the social media accounts of many US journalists in order to sneak into their minds on the current political situation in the United States. As US Journalists use their respective social media accounts […]

FBI alert on malware attacks on ATM starts with a cyber attack on India

Last week, FBI of the United States issued an alert to all large banks operating in Britain saying that hackers could launch concerted global malware attack to withdraw money from free to use ATMs from this month end. It seems that the attack has already started with the cyberattack on a bank operating in India. […]

Russian cyber attack on US Power Utilities for blackout

Hackers claimed to be from Russia are reported to have succeeded in penetrating into the power utilities of United States last year. Their intention was clear, to cause blackouts across America and cause panic and chaos among the populace. An official statement released a few hours ago from Department of Homeland Security claims that the […]

Hackers are turning Webcam users into slaves

All those who thought that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Ex-FBI Director James Comey were covering their webcams with tape just for fun, here’s a fact to enlighten your minds. A Symantec based security expert named Candid Wueest says that hackers are nowadays turning webcam users into slaves by recording their secret activity through their […]

New Technology of Nuclear Weapons makes them vulnerable to Cyber Attacks!

UK based Royal Institute of International Affairs, commonly known as Chatham House has warned that nuclear weapons reliant on new technology are extremely vulnerable to Cyber Attacks. In a report released yesterday by the London based International Affairs Think Tank, it clearly mentions about the cyber threats faced by the world’s deadliest weapons. The report […]

How to protect your enterprise from Computer Viruses, Hackers, Spyware, and Ransomware

In the digital world, an SMB can simply be financially ruined with the help viruses, spyware, and ransomware spread by hackers. So, for such businesses, computer protection plays an equally important role on par with accounting and marketing. For this reason, Cybersecurity Insiders is offering some simple tips to help businesses protect themselves from ever-evolving […]


This post was originally published here by  (ISC)² Management. Just what we need…another NFL controversy. Only this time, NFL players’ personal data was leaked. 1,200 Football Players’ Personal Data Exposed In NFL Leak — Colin Kaepernick Included The breach heard round the world – The Inside Story of Equifax’s Massive Data Breach Take a look inside the massive […]

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