Topics to study for job in Artificial Intelligence

If you are looking to pursue a job in artificial intelligence (AI), it’s essential to have a solid understanding of various topics that underpin this rapidly evolving field. AI is a multidisciplinary domain that combines principles from computer science, mathematics, statistics, and other specialized areas. Below are some key topics you should consider studying to […]

Google offers Artificial Intelligence-based Interview Warmup for new job seekers

Are you a fresher or bored with your current job and looking for a career change? Then you surely might be interested in knowing more about this article. Google, the internet juggernaut, is offering an Artificial Intelligence enabled help desk that will help job seeks train themselves against the latest skills in profession. All thanks […]

Insider Threat Alert as employees take data while leaving a Job

According to a recent survey conducted by email security providing firm Tessian, nearly one third of employees take data while leaving their job. And there is a high probability that the information can be used for various malevolent purposes. With COVID-19 pandemic ruining careers of many in 2021, workers are seen taking data with them […]

Salary given to cybersecurity specialists in UK

All you IT professionals out there in UK, are you interested in making Cybersecurity as your main career option…? If so, here’s an article which throws light on your earnings as per the designation or the role you play in a company. Cyber Security Analyst is paid £40k as a minimum basic pay and the […]

UK Ministry of Defense publishes an advertisement for a SAS Hacker

In the third week of August this year, UK’s Ministry of Defense posted an advertisement for a role to be filled by a SAS hacker who will earn £33,000 a year and will work for the secretive Computer Network Operations Exploitation Unit. Basically, such Ad postings are made secretly and through freelance platforms. But UK’s […]

Wow, a job offer to hacker by victimized company

A week ago, Poly Network, a cryptocurrency notifying block chain site was hitting the google news headlines for wrong reasons. A hacker stole $600m worth of crypto from the block chain network and transferred the currency to three digital wallets. Now news is out that the hacker returned half of the money gathered from the […]

Dell fails to notify customers on Cyber Attack

Dell has announced late yesterday that it had reset all the passwords of its customers belonging to its electronics store on November 14th this year as a precautionary measure to block unauthorized attempt of cyber crooks to extract customer information like email address, customer names and hashed passwords. The highlight of this issue is […]

Hackers siphon critical info from McDonalds Canada Website!

All those who have applied to McDonalds Canada website’s career webpage in between 2014 to 2017 are being alerted about a data breach which took place last week. As per the details available to the media, over 95,000 job seekers personal info has been compromised in the data breach and critical info is said to […]

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