Salary given to cybersecurity specialists in UK


All you IT professionals out there in UK, are you interested in making Cybersecurity as your main career option…? If so, here’s an article which throws light on your earnings as per the designation or the role you play in a company.

Cyber Security Analyst is paid £40k as a minimum basic pay and the max he/she can get is £80k. And the role he/she needs to play is to track down any potential cyber risks existing in the IT infrastructure and keep it free from issues such as data theft, Ddos attacks and ransomware attacks. Keeping a track of all the employee activity on the computer/s and following the industry best practices is also one of the included job roles for a security analyst.

Ethical hacker who is legally assigned the duty of breaking into corporate networks is paid a minimum of £50k as salary and as the job-line progresses, then the salary range could be anything between £80k -£120k figures.

Security administrator- Already this position is facing a lot of talent scarcity as the job designation needs the person to install, administer and troubleshoot any security software like anti-virus solutions, patch management systems and firewalls- resolving tickets from time to time. Minimum salary for the said job designation is £40k in UK.

Web Developers are those who involve themselves in designing/developing front-end and back-end solutions along with full-stack development. Data base handling, server administration, code generation, are all the assigned duties of the web developer and the minimum he/she gets for this job role is £ 60k.

CISO or Chief Information Security Officer – A CISO’s role is to plan, design and implement security strategies across the organization. These guys must be technically be sound and need to manage cyber incidents, software, people, technology, procedures and policies. The minim salary a CISO is paid in an SMB is £ 90k and the rest might depend on the educational qualification, the ability to handle the situation by experience, and such.

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