Cyber Attack on Ship disrupts the functionality of onboard Control Systems

On July 8th of this year, the US Coast Guard issued a cybersecurity warning stating that all commercial vessels were vulnerable to cyber attacks....

Australian Defense Shipbuilder Austal hit by Cyber Attack

Austal, an Australia based global shipbuilding company has made it official that its Australian database management system was reigning under cyber attack launched by...

Over 50,000 ships are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Experts say that the ship’s navigational system is easy to intercept giving hackers an incredible opportunity to change the course of a cruise...

Cyber Attacks could easily sink Cruise Ships says Government of UK

The Government of UK has made it official that Cruise Ships can be cyber attacked by hackers and can be made to sink, causing...

Radio communication is back on ships due to Cyber Threats

Since Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other similar devices that rely on satellite signals are being hacked and jammed by hackers, ship operators around...
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