Radio communication is back on ships due to Cyber Threats

    Since Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other similar devices that rely on satellite signals are being hacked and jammed by hackers, ship operators around the world have instructed their staff to go back to radio technology for communication. Thus, we can come to a conclusion that Cyber threats are making ship operators dump satellite communication systems for radio technology.

    Factually speaking, about 90% of world trade is transported by sea via ships and if a GPS system on the vessels fails to function, then the probability of ships running aground or colliding with other vessels increases to many folds.

    Early last year, South Korea announced to the world that it is developing an alternative communication system for ships using an earth based navigation technology called eLoran (the descendant of long range navigational systems).

    As the said nation is in an opinion that North Korea will try to disrupt its trading abilities through cyber attacks in coming years, it hopes to thwart those attacks through its new technology named eLoran.
    United States, Russia, and Britain are also developing radio signals in near future in order to dump satellite communication to avoid cyber attacks from enemy nations.

    In fact in July this year, the United States House of Representatives passed a bill which includes the adoption of eLoran systems on sea vessels used for trade purposes. The bill is expected to move to the senate by this year end and let’s hope that it gets written as a law by early 2018.

    Note- In the year 2016, South Korea said that 100s of its vessels returned early to port after North Korea launched a cyber attack on the satellite communication systems used on its ship decks. Several news reports added that the disruption of satellite communication is said to have incurred $3 billion loss to the trading sector of South Korea.

    Naveen Goud
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