Survey claims over 35 industries worst hit by Ransomware last year

A survey conducted by Cloud Security service provider NordLocker has stated that the year 2020 witnessed ransomware spreading gangs targeting over 35 industries of which Construction Industry was hit the most. Revealing some names from their research, NordLocker stated that the Construction, manufacturing, Finance, healthcare, Education, IT and technology, Transportation and logistics, Automotive, Municipal Services […]

Small Businesses to loose $5.2 Trillion worldwide to Cyber Attacks

A study carried out by Accenture says that small businesses are all set to lose $5.2 Trillion on a global note to cyber attacks within the next 5 years. The Ireland based Professional Services Company added in its report that the digital transformation has led to the loss of $200,000 on an average which might […]

Top Cloud Security concerns are data leak and data loss

Synopsys Technologies, a California based Cybersecurity company has conducted a survey recently in association with our Cybersecurity Insiders and concluded that accidental data leak of credentials and data control topped as primary concerns in the minds of senior IT and security managers who were looking to reap in the benefits of cloud computing. The “2019 […]

Verizon survey confirms C-Suite employees are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A recent survey conducted by Verizon says that senior-level executives i.e C-Suite employees are 12 times more vulnerable to cyber attacks and 9 times more to data breaches. Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report says that C-level employees are more prone to social engineering attacks as they hold the most sensitive information. For the first […]

Mobile Security compromise is making companies vulnerable to data loss, downtime, and reputational damage

Companies who are willing to compromise on mobile security are found to be falling vulnerable to cyber risks such as data loss, downtime and reputational damage and customer relationship. This was revealed in a Mobile Security Index survey conducted by Verizon where over 48% of respondents agreed to have sacrificed mobile security in the past […]

Radware suggests that the average cost of Cyber Attack has surged to $1.1 million

Radware which recently acquired cloud security company ShieldSquare has released a cybersecurity report which states that the average cost of a cyber attack has surged to $1.1 million. Radware said in a media statement that the report was compiled after 54 percent of respondents reported about the operational/productivity loss, followed by 43 percent of negative […]

Kaspersky survey confirms 31 percent cyber attacks lead to job losses

A survey conducted by Kaspersky in association with B2B International says that 31% of last year’s data breaches have led to job losses. And out of those who lost jobs, 29% of them belonging to SMEs and 29% of them belonging to large companies were not related to the IT field. All these days, many […]

IDC says that companies are migrating away from Public Clouds

Public Cloud providers might find this news post a bit distressing as a survey conducted by IDC says that businesses are migrating applications and data away from public clouds at a staggering rate since 2017. Out of 400 IT decision makers who participated in the survey, more than 80% of them agreed that their organization […]

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for Connected Car Sales

Cyber Threat Concerns may create hostile conditions for the sales of Connected Cars, says a survey conducted by Irdeto. The survey also disclosed that among the present set of consumers who own connected cars, 59% are concerned that their vehicle could become a potential target for hackers in near future. Of the survey conducted across […]

Survey reveals that 59% of office workers pay for ransomware cyber attacks

A survey conducted by California based company Intermedia says that 59% of office workers in US pay for ransomware attacks out of their pockets to decrypt files. And that’s due to the fact that most of them do not know how to respond to the malware infection and how to proceed after an attack has […]

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