Radware suggests that the average cost of Cyber Attack has surged to $1.1 million

Radware which recently acquired cloud security company ShieldSquare has released a cybersecurity report which states that the average cost of a cyber attack has surged to $1.1 million.

Radware said in a media statement that the report was compiled after 54 percent of respondents reported about the operational/productivity loss, followed by 43 percent of negative customer experience.

It’s said that almost half of the respondents i.e. 45 percent of admitted that they suffered a serious service disrupting resulting in financial loss. And another third i.e. 35 percent of them say that hackers launched attacks on their digital assets for data theft.

The highlight of the survey was the claims of more than 31% of respondents admitting that they were experiencing daily cyber attacks on their assets, representing a significant rise from 13% last year.

Radware survey states that hackers are launching sophisticated cyber attacks on data centers and corporate networks with an aim to gain politically, financially and espionage-related.

Security report compiled by the Mahwah, New Jersey-based company says that HTTPs attacks grew by 34% from 28% and Distribution of denial service attacks grew from 33% to 38% last year. Also, a rise in 76% from 69% was witnessed when it comes to botnet attacks in 2018.

More details can be viewed through proper channel from the Radware website

Naveen Goud
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