Industrial Open Automation Software filled with vulnerabilities

Cisco Talos has discovered that Industrial Open Automation Software (OAS) that is used to operate Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is filled with critical vulnerabilities that are yet to be patched. As OAS acts as a bridge for the data movement between two different industrial platforms like PLCs, applications, IoT devices, and databases, these systems play […]

Hackers pay a $5000 monthly fee to gain fraudulent access to banking apps

A research group from ESET has discovered that cyber-crooks are paying a monthly fee of $5000 to gain fraudulent access to 467 android apps to steal banking-related details. Information is out that the campaign has been running for quite some time and is aiming to siphon cryptocurrencies along with fiat. Dubbed an ERMAC banking Trojan, […]

Apple iOS 15 fixes a critical zero day vulnerability with update

All Apple iPhone and iPAD users are issued a warning about a critical zero day vulnerability that has to be fixed on an immediate note. The technology company has issued a fix to the vulnerability that not only quashes the flaw but also protects device users from poor battery life. So, it is better if […]

Serious vulnerability observed on Unisoc processors loaded Android Phones

A vulnerability alert has been issued against the smartphone devices operating on Unisoc processors, and the cyber threat seems to be serious as hackers can take control of the device to access text messages, call logs, contacts, and other such information like photos and videos. A report released by Kryptowire mentions that threat actors can […]

Zoho Vulnerability leads to data breach at International Committee of the Red Cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has issued a statement that its servers were infiltrated in January this year leading to a data breach. And preliminary inquiry made by its security experts has revealed that the hackers accessed the servers through a Zoho Vulnerability- once used by Chinese hacking groups to launch cyber […]

Major UEFI vulnerability found in Microsoft, AMD and Intel servers

A serious vulnerability has been found in the servers of Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, HP, HPE, Siemens and AMD and researchers from security firm Binarly have confirmed that the said susceptibility has acted as an access point to some state funded hacking firms that have planted espionage related malware into corporate network. Binarly says […]

Apple fixes security vulnerability that allowed websites read browser data

Apple has discovered a new security flaw that allowed websites to read Safari browser data and even a user’s Google ID. And what’s concerning is that it affects all the Apple Operating System platforms including iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and newly released MacOS Monterey. The tech giant has acknowledged the issue as critically legitimate announced […]

Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

First, is the news related to Medical Review Institute of America (MRIoA), an Utah based health service provider that was hit by a ransomware attack on November 9th of last year. Information is now out that the group behind the attack exfiltrated data to remote servers and locked down the database from access- a typical […]

Microsoft reveals a serious vulnerability hidden in its Azure Cloud

Microsoft, the technology giant of America, has warned all its users that there is a hidden vulnerability hidden in an Azure cloud that could leak user data to hackers. that is into the business of providing security to cloud users was the first to inform Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) about the hidden bug […]

Trending news on Apache Log4J Shell Vulnerability

Belgium Defense Ministry has released a press update that some state funded hackers deployed ransomware of its servers through Log4J Apache software vulnerability. Information is out that the attack took place on December 16th,2021 paralyzing the network and was conducted by exploiting the Java based Apache Library logging software. An update released by the office […]

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