Terrorists to launch cyber attacks on UK’s Airports and Nuclear Power Stations

    Britain government has issued a nationwide alert which asks the authorities related to Aviation and Nuclear Power Stations to tighten their defenses against cyber attacks propelled by terrorists.

    The law enforcement agencies have also issued a series of alerts in the past 24 hours, cautioning about terrorist attacks launched in masked format. The Intelligence agencies believe that ISIS and ISIL terror groups have devised plans to plant explosives in laptops and mobile phones that can be concealed from regular airport security screening tests.

    For this reason, a fortnight ago, US and UK jointly passed out an executive order which bans air fliers coming from 7 Muslim nations from using laptops and other computing devices in flight cabins.
    On Saturday last week, Intelligence agencies connected to GCHQ learned that some terror groups have hired cyber teams which are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the nuclear industry’s internet defenses.

    Jesse Norman, the energy minister of UK confirmed this news and said to Telegraph that nuclear plants must make sure that they remain resilient to evolving cyber threats.

    Mr. Norman felt glad to announce that the Government of UK was fully committed to defending the nation’s critical infrastructure against Cyber Threats, with a £1.9 billion investment. Norman added that the UK will ensure that the civil nuclear sector can defend, recover and remain resilient against evolving cyber threats as per the Civil Nuclear Cyber Security Strategy.

    US FBI has also endorsed this cyber threat and added that its government’s defense ministry was ready to lend a helping hand to the UK, if & when necessary. FBI Chief James Comey said that the 45th US President Donald Trump is ready to help the Government of UK by offering technology-related help to defend the nation against cyber attacks.

    More details are awaited!

    Naveen Goud
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