Tesco Cyber Attack 2021 and Microsoft Nobelium Cyber Attack 2021 details


Tesco customers are struggling to book their groceries online as the operations of the company’s dedicated app and the online store have been disrupted through a Cyber Attack.

The UK’s supermarket chain has admitted that its operations were affected by the cyber incident that could also put a dent on the profits of it this summer.

Tracking orders, placing orders, payment processing were deeply affected said a source from Tesco on the condition of anonymity.

Data compromise has to be investigated and so details regarding the information access made by hackers are yet to be determined.

NOTE- By 11am on October 25th,2021, almost all the online services of the Britain’s largest grocery chain were restored back to normalcy.

In the second news that is trending on Google, Microsoft has issued a warning to all US companies that their IT infrastructure was on the verge of being hit by a Nobelium attack or could have been already targeted digitally.

The Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center has issued the warning that Russian hacking group dubbed Nobelium Threat Actor have compromised the networks of technology service providers and resellers of cloud service providers and so it’s high time private entities review their Cybersecurity posture.

Microsoft Threat report released on October 24th,2021 states that Nobelium Cyber Group could have compromised over 609 firms so far between July 1st and October 19th 2021 and the list could elongate more, as the investigation gets concluded.

Russia has been trying to compromise the computer networks of its American counterparts for a long time and achieved its vision through SolarWinds Hack in November 2020 that was detected and revealed by FireEye in Dec’20.

Now, the latest on the technology supply chain proves that Russian intelligence seems to be desperate in achieving its aim of dictating the world on a digital note pretty soon.

Naveen Goud
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