Test Drive CloudPassage Halo Cloud Security Platform


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Evaluating a new cloud security solution can take a lot of time and effort, including the hassle of setting up a test environment. Our CloudPassage Halo sandbox makes it easy, by letting you test our solution in a pre-built environment so you can quickly understand how it meets your requirements.

Test drive CloudPassage Halo in our sandbox and immediately see how Halo delivers comprehensive security visibility, protection, and compliance monitoring to reduce cyber risk by:

  • Eliminating blind spots to regain security control across all of your public cloud environments
  • Quickly identifying vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and changes in your public cloud environments that expose your organization to cyber threats
  • Providing single-point inventory and reporting of the security and compliance posture of public cloud resources in use across your entire organization

Request access to the sandbox and see CloudPassage Halo in action.

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