Three Million payment card information of Dickeys BBQ sold on Dark Web


Joker’s Stash a fraudulent online bazaar which sells data breach information has released a new batch of info on its website and stated that 90% of data is still active and thus being sold for a fancy amount.

What it means is that the mafia driven website is selling card information to hackers and those who purchase it can use most of the stolen card details for making online fraudulent purchases.

Titled as BlazingSun, the theme posted on was verified by a team of security analysts from KrebsOnSecurity and they have concluded that most the data belongs to Dallas based Dickey’s Barbecue Restaurant chain and is related to those clients who made payments at various locations of the restaurant chain in the previous 13-14 months.

Dickey’s responded to the alert sent by KrebsOnSecurity by saying that it is aware of the data breach and its staff is busy probing down the incident. Dickey’s BBQ has informed FBI and the card payment service authorities about the breach and is taking measure to prevent any untoward incident in future from the data spill.

New York Minneapolis based Cyber Threat advisory firm Gemini Advisory along with Q6 Cyber has released a press statement saying that such type data breaches usually occur when the payment card systems of companies get infected with credential stealing malware. So, at least 156 PoS terminals of Dickey’s in over 30 locations could have been affected by the malware.

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