Three Mobile exposes critical customer details to hackers

British Mobile Phone company “Three UK” has recently exposed some critical details of customers which could be used by hackers to conduct fraudulent activities. Currently, the issue seems to be a kind of technical snafu rather than a serious hack. But vulnerabilities such as these can easily prove as a gold mine to hackers if left unattended.

According to our sources, the issue started when three customers logged into the company’s my3 app early this week and discovered details such as names, addresses and phone numbers of other “Three” users. Several details of users could be identified by the app users, while some proved to be of strangers.

Now, the issue seems to have spread like a wildfire and has affected more than 8000 customers of the London-based Telecom giant.

The issue has been brought to the notice of Three via various social media platforms. And the technical staff from the said firm are already busy investigating the issue. The company added that all users who fear to have been affected can contact ‘Three’s’ customer service department and lodge a complaint.

Three’s spokesperson, who spoke to ‘The Guardian’ made it official that no financial details were leaked in this issue.
Historically, Three endured a major security breach in November last year affecting around 200,000 user accounts. And now an issue of a similar sort is extremely disturbing.

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office has made a note of the latest issue and is said to prosecute the management of Three on behalf of the company’s customers.
More details are awaited!

Brainstorm- What if black hat marketing companies get hold of this data and utilize it to gain profits?

Note- Three is a UK based telecommunication and internet service provider launched in March 2003 as UK’s first commercial video mobile network. It provides 3G and 4G services and treated as a child company of Hutchison Whampoa.

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