Turns out everyone has budget for a CASB


This post was originally published here by  Salim Hafid.


Cloud security represents a fast growing part of most organizations’ budgets, but many CISOs are left deciding between costly point solutions. Fortunately, cloud access security brokers have emerged as a means of bundling critical capabilities across data protection, threat protection, identity management, and visibilityat a relatively low cost. As CASBs evolve, they are increasingly able to replace these point solutions, deliver on essential capabilities, and extend the cost savings to the enterprise.

Take mobile security for example. Many have deployed some MDM or EMM solution to secure corporate-owned mobile devices and managed personal devices – a typical cost for such a solution is $5 per user per month. While the relatively low license cost for EMM makes such a dedicated solution seem appealing, a very limited subset of an organization’s infrastructure can be covered by the tool. Enter CASBs like Bitglass, which feature mobile data protection as one of several components.

Identity and access management (IAM) is a different product category, but it too is quickly being subsumed by CASB solutions. A dedicated identity management solution might cost a few dollars per user per month, but again, a set of point solutions cobbled together leaves gaps in an organization’s security posture.

On top of identity and mobile security, most want some solution to log data outflows and analyze those outflows. Like the aforementioned categories, CASBs provide that deep visibility every organization needs across applications at no additional cost.

Instead of a dedicated identity solution, EMM solution, and breach discovery tool, organizations should look to CASBs that bundle all of these capabilities together. CASBs are ultimately the most cost effective means of achieving complete cloud security and compliance.

Take a look at Bitglass this holiday season – cloud and mobile data protection all in one easy to deploy solution.


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