Twitter rolls out hardware security key support for accounts


After a massive cyber attack on its servers in July this year, Social networking giant Twitter has rolled out a hardware security key feature to all its accounts used through mobile devices. Thus, with this latest feature, the plan is to block the hackers from logging into the accounts of users even if they have username and passwords.

As per the details available to the media, the security key set up will be available for Android and iPhone devices and will help the users keep their accounts secure.

Going by the history, Twitter launched the feature in September 2018 and the plan was to add a physical security blockade to account users who were disinterested in using the regular 2-factor authentication. But at that time the company did not publicize the event much.

However, it chooses to re-publicize the security key feature now as it wants its high-profile users and its own tier 2 staff to stay safe from prying eyes and hackers.

Giving a latest update on the massive Cybersecurity attack that occurred in 3Q of this year, Twitter said that the hackers involved in a cryptocurrency propelled cyber scam targeted a total of 130 accounts after which they sent malevolent tweets via 45 accounts, accessed the DM boxes of over 38 accounts and downloaded archived data through the “Your Twitter Data” from over 8 accounts.

Some Twitter accounts involved in the hack included the newly elected US President Joe Biden, Ex President Barack Obama, Tesla Chief Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, Apple and Uber owners.

Note- A physical security key means a hardware that is used to authenticate the identity of the user. The device is actually like a pen drive that when inserted will prompt the user to authenticate the login via his/her fingerprint.

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