UK Labor party hit by a DDoS Cyber Attack


Britain’s Labor Party which is an alliance of Social Democrats and democratic socialites along with some trade unionists has alleged that it became a victim of Cyber Attack on Monday this week when a foreign nation (Russia) tried to influence its digital platforms.


However, renowned media resources from the UK claim that the issue was being exaggerated by Jeremy Corbyn to gain political mileage and the questionable cyber attack was of a very low grade and was in no way connected to any state.


Contrarily, the office of the labor party leader issued a press statement on this issue, saying that the party was targeted during the election campaign by a distributed denial-of-service attack and the suspicion was being pushed sharply over Kremlin.


News is out that the cyber incident was informed to the National Cyber Security Center(NCSC) and a formal investigation is due to be conducted by this weekend.


Meanwhile. NCSC, the cyber arm of GCHQ has come out to report that the cyber attack was low level and that there was no evidence of any state-sponsored activity.


What’s interesting is that it comes just after a week when the Labor Party tried to pressurize the Boris Johnson led government over a report compiled by a team of experts from Intelligence and Security Committee into Vladimir Putin’s govt involvement in influencing the UK electoral system.


BBC has confirmed that the UK’s Labor Party uses a specialized software from Cloudfare to protect its systems from cyber-attacks and so hackers cannot infiltrate or disrupt its systems with cyber attacks.


NOTE 1- A Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attack is nothing but flooding a server with unusual web traffic which is usually generated by Botnets operated by Hackers.


NOTE 2- In the case of the Labor Party, the traffic was falsely generated from Russia and Brazil.


NOTE 3- A DDoS attack is never recognized as a cyber attack on an official note as it does not involve data breach or induction of malware. However, as the prime objective of this attack is to disrupt servers from doing their normal operations it partially qualifies to be defined as a cyber attack.


Naveen Goud
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