UK Travel startup TamTam Travels offers discounts to members using digital currency!

UK based travel startup TamTam Travels is all set to bring in innovation into its business with the use of Jio Token- its own form of Digital Currency. In order to promote its membership pre-launch, the travel portal is offering huge potential savings not only while traveling abroad, but also locally whilst at home.

The startup which is thinking to move its business to Singapore or Dubai in near future estimates that up to $2,000 per annum of savings are achievable by its members , with additional rewards for those using native blockchain currency- called the JIO Token.

All those who will be using Jio Token for purchasing an annual membership has a high probability of achieving up to 60% discount on services. This gives a market edge to the new startup when compared to its US-based competitor World Ventures- the world’s largest direct seller of curated group travels.

For instance, TamTam Travel’s search engine allows its members search for daily, local and global discounts featuring over 300K of the world’s best merchants. This includes cruise packages at up to 40% discount. Privileged members are also provided airport lounge access with complimentary passes for pre-flight snaps, and drinks along with a complimentary flight insurance up to $200,000.

Whereas, WorldVenture’s registration fee is $299 and $99.99 per month, which accounts to $1,500 per year. So, WorldVenture’s one-year membership can serve TamTam members for five years.

TamTam Travels initiative is to offer its members a bonus on its JIO Token currency, which can later be used towards the renewal of the subscription or traded on the secondary market. Thus, the said cryptocurrency will be accepted against bookings for flights, hotels, and other services in the member’s area.Hence, JIO Tokens can serve as decentralized version of Airmiles.

However, in near future, TamTam plans to introduce more services that will further enhance JIO tokens and convert them into fiat currency.

Apart from JIO Tokens, TamTam Travels will also accept a number of crypto currencies for its Membership pre-launch, which ends on November 30,2016. It includes Bitcoins, DogeCoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and NXT.

Remember, the promotion tenure will just be limited to 1k memberships together with a bonus JIO Token.

Naveen Goud
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