Ukraine hackers take down Russian oil firm to create fuel scarcity


A yet-to-be-identified hacking group from Ukraine or the one supporting Ukraine has allegedly launched a cyber attack on Russian oil firm Gazprom Neft, a business unit of a larger gas company Gazprom.

And information is out that the digital assault was launched in retaliation for the Russian war invasion of Ukraine.

A statement released by a spokesperson from Gazprom confirmed that news as Gazprom CEO Alex Miller was a good friend of Vladimir Putin, the man who is on the march to assassinate or capture Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Trade and political analysts say that the attack was launched to disrupt the fuel supply across the nation and also to the army tanks that have been busy invading east of Ukraine for the past 7 days of the total 45-days of war.

In March 2022, a statement issued by Gasprom urged its 500,000 employees to support Putin in keeping the Russian federation high in the international circuit amid foreign sanctions.

The Cyber Assault on Gasprom Neft might be a retaliation deed of those supporting Ukraine or the hackers funded by the west.

Cementing such speculations was a brief message posted on the official website of Gasprom that stated that the company was facing such consequences for being and acting according to the criminal intention of Putin on the neighboring nation.

NOTE- Since the start of the war between Russia with Ukraine i.e. from the early hours of February 24th,2022, a notorious hacking group dubbed Anonymous started to digitally invade the critical infrastructure of Russia and has been releasing leaked documents about the state and military secrets of the Putin led the nation from time to time. So, the latest attack on the fuel supplier is also said to be the work of Anons, the members of the Anonymous group.


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