User posts on Facebook are scanned says Mark Zuckerberg


As the media is throwing light on the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook on day to day basis, Mark Zuckerberg’s latest revelation is adding fuel to it on a further note. Recently, the leader of the Facebook admitted that his company scans all the posts and messages of its users published on its Platform. This includes the content published on the respective accounts of the social media platform and the messenger services.

But the head of the leading social networking site said that the checks are being made to ensure that the content is in line with the community standards. He added that his company’s stringent actions are essential to keep a check on images and links related to illegal or extreme content being proliferated through Facebook.

However, the latest disclosure made by Zuckerberg during a podcast interview hasn’t gone down well amongst those users who are extremely concerned about their online privacy.  And so it has further intensified the privacy concerns looming over the company in the wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal.

In the meantime, the Information Commissioner’s Office has disclosed that it will include over 30 organizations into its investigation radar as they are all connected to the Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal in one way or the other.

Elizabeth Denham the Information Commissioner is not willing to disclose the names of the companies until the investigation gets over.

About Cambridge Analytica scandal – Cambridge Analytica is a data analytics firm which procures data from various resources such as social media platforms like Facebook and works on the info to predict and influence human minds. The company which is presently defunct is said to have profited immensely by running an influential campaign in support of US President Donald Trump in US 2016 polls by procuring data related to 50 million American Facebook users.

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