Video and Media companies suffer with Credential Stuffing Attacks


According to a survey conducted by Akamai, many video streaming service providers have witnessed a surge in cyber attacks on their infrastructure in the past two years. As the explosion for on-demand media content is high, companies broadcasting TV shows and those streaming movie contents have witnessed a 630% and 230% increase in cyber attacks on their infrastructure on a respective note.

While most attacks were related to credential stuffing, 30% of them were related to phishing and 7% were related to malware says the report.

United States stood at the top when Credential stuffing attacks on media companies was detected as most of the content streaming providers are based in the Trump led nation.

“As long as they are usernames and passwords, cyber crooks will try to compromise the accounts by various means”, said Steve Ragan, a security researcher at Akamai.

As online content streamers indulge in password sharing and recycling tactics, cyber crooks try to exploit this activity with credential stuffing.

What is Credential Stuffing Attack?

It is software based automated way of breaching online user accounts by using usernames and passwords gained through cyber attacks.

And the only way to stop such attacks is that the video streaming service providers should provide their users stronger authentication and identity methods that create good credential hygiene.

Owning to the spread of COVID 19 and a worldwide lockdown, Akamai witnessed that there has been a massive spike in malicious login attempts against video service providers and broadcasters.

For instance, a service provider from Europe witnessed 350,000,000 login attempts in just 24 hours of time span at the end of March.

And as the cost of stolen logins has come down drastically on dark web ( $10 for 1000 acct info), more surge in cyber attacks could be witnessed by the end of 2020 say experts.

So, did the technical guys from Amazon Video and Netflix Exclusives take a note of the situation….?

Naveen Goud
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