Was UK health secretary love scandal an exposure of Chinese Espionage through hidden Cameras


While the entire anti-lockdown protesters in London are demanding the arrest of Matt Hancock, the health secretary; for breaching COVID lockdown rules and embracing & kissing his personal aide Gina Coladangelo, new speculation is doing rounds on the internet. 


Some Facebook groups are buzzing with speculation that the office romance caught in between Britain’s health secretary and his colleague Gina resulted from a footage leak from a Chinese covert camera that was fixed inside a light fixture of the ceiling in the Hancock’s office. 3


And the group/s speculates that more such romance videos and images will be revealed to the public if Matt doesn’t step down from his federal post.


But digging deep into the facts, a source from Daily Mail suggests that someone officially scrapped the images caught on the camera from an office camera that recorded all the activity that was taking place in the meeting room.


Meaning, it was the security staff that placed a camera in the Minister’s office unlike what is being speculated on certain social media platforms that it was a video grab from a camera that was covertly placed by Chinese authorities indulged in espionage.


However, not all went as per the plan of the security authorities as some office staff took hold of the video and waited for the authorities to delete the captured video as per the CCTV recording protocol and then contacted an anti-lockdown campaigner to tarnish the image of Matt Hancock in the media.


UK’s Metropolitan police have asked to investigate the incident and no criminal case has been registered against the health secretary by the Scotland Yard’ police as the issue is strictly internal and needs political indulgence to resolve the issue.


Note– After the media blasted Mr. Hancock for not following the anti-lockdown protocol, he stepped down from his post on an immediate note. And a source close to Mr. Hancock said that Matt Hancock and Gina Coladangelo’s relationship was very old as they liked each other from the time they both worked at the Student Radio Station Oxygen FM some years ago.


Naveen Goud
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