Yahoo confirms that the US elections 2016 were hacked!


US elections 2016 were hacked by a foreign nation and that’s now tagged as an official news by Yahoo. According to a news post on Yahoo News, the final days of US Presidential Elections witnessed Ms. Clinton’s Communications director’s Gmail account under cyber attack.

Hillary Clinton’s Communication’s Director Jennifer Palmieri confirmed this report and shared a screen shot of Google alert sent to her in October in which it was clearly described by the web services giant that Jennifer’s personal Google email account was targeted by hackers from a foreign state.

What’s astonishing is that the new disclosure comes exactly after a week when US President Barack Obama ordered CIA to assess the influence of Russia on recently concluded American elections.

As per the Yahoo News report, many members of The Democratic National Committee were targeted by hackers working for Russian Intelligence. Another senior Clinton aide, who likes to be anonymous said that the cyber attack was carried out on a consistent note and the infiltration never stopped till the election event was wrapped up.

Clinton Aide Jennifer says that she has gathered enough evidence against Russia’s intention of throwing the election to Republican Nominee Donald Trump. And added that she will produce it before the CIA soon.

In the meantime, current US President Barack Obama admitted on the Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” that he called for a review of cyber attacks and foreign state involvement in the 2016 elections in order to prevent any such intercession from a foreign nation in future.

Obama added that he wanted to weave all the investigation threads in order to put them into a single document that can be shared with the right members of Congress, related intelligence agencies, and to transition teams when the right time comes. Obama expects the CIA investigation to finish by January 20th,2016.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump remained unperturbed with the latest developments and sarcastically stated that all these events are just an excuse for the opposition party for losing the elections. He added that the US populace voted for the change and betterment of America and he will strive to make the federal nation politically and economically strong in his tenure.

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