Cyber Attack hits Irish Food Wholesaler Musgrave Group!


Irish Food Wholesaler Musgrave Group has disclosed that it became a victim of cyber attack early this month. The owner of the SuperValu, Centra and Daybreak groceries chain added in its press statement that hackers tried to steal debit and credit card numbers and their expiry dates in this data hack, but couldn’t succeed in doing so.

The groceries wholesaler said in its media briefing that the attempt was discovered yesterday afternoon when a malicious software was discovered in the centralized IT system of their database. And on further investigation, it was discovered that it was a malware intended to corrupt the database and was induced through a cyber attack early this month. But there is no evidence that any data has been stolen so far.

As the systems do not store any cardholders names, PIN numbers or CVV numbers, the impact of the data breach on Musgrave customers might be minuscule. However, Musgrave is advising its customers to check their bank statements as a precautionary measure and report any discrepancy to the concerned authorities.

Gardai and the office of the Data Protection Commissioner have been notified of the attempted breach.

Ireland based fresh food supplier has tightened its security standards to the highest level of the breach and has included the latest threat monitoring, anti-virus and firewall solutions into its security defense controls. The company has also hired a third-party security service provider to conduct penetration tests on its database on a monthly note from now on.

NOTE 1-The Irish Grocery Wholesale has apologized for the inconvenience caused and has rendered an apology to all its customers via its website.

NOTE 2- Musgrave group was found by two brothers named Stuart and Thomas in 1876. The company which is based in Cork, Ireland has an annual sales turnover of 4 billion Euros and serves more than 45,000 hotels, restaurants and hospitality businesses across Europe.

Naveen Goud
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