Zeppelin Ransomware alert issued by FBI


United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a high alert about a ransomware group named Zeppelin that has been targeted by big corporations operating in US and Europe. News is out that the ransom demand put forward by those involved in Zeppelin spread is huge and is touching double-digit figures of thousands and sometimes up to $2 million in USD.

Taking history into account, Zeppelin was first discovered in the year 2019 and was identified as VegaLocker ransomware. It targeted networks of healthcare firm across North America and Europe.

Suddenly, it slowed down in its activities and became subtle for a few months. Then in the year 2020, it re-emerged as a new ransomware dubbed Zeppelin and targeted organizations that are in education, manufacturing, and defense sectors.

Mainly the actors involved in the said file encrypting malware spread are using phishing, SonicWall vulnerabilities and Remote Desktop Protocols to drop the payloads and were also found targeting NHS employees by passing down infectious macros oriented documents.

So, after analyzing the details of the ransomware spread, FBI has identified Zeppelin as a “Well Organized Cyber Threat” and is encouraging victims to report details about the incident to CISA, or local FBI office or the US Secret Service at a USSS Field Office.

NOTE- In a statement issued by the FBI last week and totally unrelated to Zeppelin, the Biden administration is ready to offer a reward of $10 million to those who give valid intelligence on the Conti Ransomware gang. Those who give the tip-off about the gang leading to arrest will also be paid $5 million, regardless of the country the criminals are living.


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