Zero-day CASB In Action


This post was originally published here by  Rich Campagna.

As we’ve previously written, the Bitglass Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) has been designed to flex and adapt automatically to the evolving enterprise cloud footprint. Whether it’s a change to an existing app, an entirely new app, unknown threats, etc., our Zero-day CASB Core supports customer use cases with no changes on our side and importantly, no delays for our customers.

It’s always great to hear stories of Zero-day Core in action. We’ve recently gone through our sales team’s quarterly business reviews, where we look at not only future prospective customers, but also how we’re doing with existing customers. One of the stories that stuck out in my mind was about a customer that we won last quarter thanks to our Zero-day Managed App control. Part of the reason we won that opportunity was that we were able to support a couple of applications that no other CASB could support. Since their initial deployment, they’ve gone and added even more applications – some of which are in our app catalog, but most of which are not. The best part? It all worked with simple config – no development delays or changes required.


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