Zscaler terms Symantec patent infringement lawsuit as Cyber bullying


Cloud Security vendor Zscaler has termed Symantec’s latest patent infringement lawsuit as a mere cyber bullying tactic which doesn’t have any merit. It also added in its latest media statement that the company was in early stages of accessing the claims and knows well to defend against lawsuits of this nature.

Zscaler CEO Jay Chowdary has also initiated his PR team to reach out to customers and provide them more details about the lawsuit. The individual email sent to the customers includes the lines which term the latest patent infringement lawsuit of Symantec as a mere black hat bullying tactic to impact its business. The nine-year-old company declined further to comment on this issue until their legal team issues the latest notification.

Zscaler which transformed the traditional on-premises IT security appliances into enterprise cloud based multi-tenant internet gateways said that some companies in the marketplace are trying to tarnish its image in the world of Cloud security.

However, the company admitted that its innovations are being protected by a large and growing portfolio of 98 issued and pending patents focused on cloud security and no entity in the world has the potential to demean it on the web or in the marketplace. 

The San Jose-based company’s email to its customers ironically said that Symantec was resorting to such litigations as they can no longer come up with innovation.

In a recent interaction with popular technology resource CRN, Jay said that his cloud-based information security firm was never informed of such legal suit in an official way from Symantec till date. He added that he learned about the lawsuit from various media resources and asked his team to react to it ASAP.

Financially, Zscaler has managed to secure around $150 million investment so far. Its major business backers include TPG and Lightspeed Venture Partners. In August 2015, Zscaler released an official statement which said that it is planning to go public within next 12 to 24 months.

Naveen Goud
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