Acquisitions happening in the field of Artificial Intelligence


UBER, an American multinational transportation sharing company has formally announced that it has acquired computer vision startup ‘Mighty AI’ for an undisclosed amount. The financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, but over 40 employees of the company which produces tech for self-driving cars are said to join UBER by next month end.

Mighty AI offers software that helps self-driving cars to access their surroundings by autonomously identifying and distinguishing the objects surrounding the vehicle.

“Uber is said to use the tech to enhance the ride experience for its users through self-driving cars”, said Jon Thomson, Vice President of software engineering for the Uber Division.

“We are excited to pair Mighty AI’s Platform and expertise with Uber to generate high-quality labeled data and integrating it into Uber ATG’s World Class Research and Engineering to develop self-driving cars”, said Daryn Nakhuda, the Chief Executive of Mighty AI.

Uber has become the world’s leading ridesharing transport operator and intends to deploy autonomous vehicles and flying cars in the coming years.

Meanwhile, in other news related to acquisitions Apple Inc has confirmed that it has acquired self-driving shuttle services provider ‘’ for an undisclosed amount.

The objective behind the firm’s acquisition is to enhance the engineering talent to boost Apple’s own tech of self-driving cars.

As of now, which has been running a small fleet of test shuttles in Texas was planning to shut down the startup by this year-end.

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