AI Chatbot customer care replacing Ministers and their favors


The government of Malta has introduced an innovative service to replace human-interfaced customer care with one powered by AI chatbots. The nation, located on the North African coast, resorted to this move to put an end to the dispensing of favors or jobs by ministers in exchange for materialistic bribes.

Generally, when someone calls the Malta government’s customer care, they start interacting with human employees who then connect them to related ministries.

After receiving numerous complaints from voters that the civil service top brass was acting on orders from ministers to dispense favors such as job requests, the government began searching for an alternative.

After exploring various options, the Malta government decided to replace human-interfaced customer care with one powered by the artificial intelligence-propelled chatbot Lumi.Chat40k. This digital interface will now act as a bridge between the ministries and the citizens.

Lumi Chat will assist the public with requests related to job sanctions, meetings with ministers, and complaints about civic issues and unfulfilled electoral promises.

Sources report that the conversational chatbot was programmed with data gathered from the 59 years of Malta’s governance and the prevailing laws. Thus, it can prove helpful and resourceful in making governance more efficient, corruption-free, and public-friendly.

NOTE: All chatbots, applications, and machine learning tools are eventually controlled by human minds, and such digital governance cannot put an end to the worldwide spread of corruption. Unless we humans change and do our work sincerely as per the expectations of the public, nothing can change in Malta or across the globe.


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