Amazon Web Services acquires Cloud Security startup


Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing service offering subsidiary of has completed the purchase of Cloud Security startup named As per our sources, the deal was compiled in early 2016 and has now reached the final stage of acquisition.

Note- The deal was not disclosed or confirmed before today.

Amazon is said to have acquired the cyber security startup for $19.87 million but kept the deal details under wraps for some reason.

In a latest blog post from, it was revealed that the company built its latest app based on the support of multiple AWS services.
Going into the details of the new purchase, was found in September 2014. It serves algorithms related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to classify and protect documents, email content and data that companies store on cloud platforms.

The San Diego-based company, co-founded by a two former NSA employees offers security against cyber attacks and inadvertent exposure of data to cybercrooks. The company product suite features also include the trait of tracking critical info and the details of who accesses it. It then helps the users search for any behavior in metadata, key business operations and applications caused by cyber attacks.

After reviewing the technology it serves we can easily come to the conclusion that works in the area of data leakage prevention. It is a company mainly focused in offering automation supported solutions against all cyber security concerns.

The relationship between Amazon and started back in 2015 when the former started serving the latter with cloud infrastructural services. In early 2016, the deal to buy Harvest was put forwarded by Amazon. By the end of December 2016, the deal was almost completed moving all 12 employees of the cloud security company to Seattle from San Diego.

Naveen Goud
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